Features Of Different Garage Doors

Garage doors are usually differentiated as per their functions. The material of which they are made of usually also defines the look and functionality of the garage doors. Some are familiar with the use of garage doors that open overhead. Others are sliding varieties that move horizontally while the other category is bifold doors. Usually garage doors are made of vinyl, steel and wood.

Overhead designs

Wood Floor Oiling

The garage doors that are designed to open overhead are commonly found in most homes. These usually work on a track. They lift over an opening. These come in sections and move around bends that are on a track. These moves vertically as well as close in a horizontal position. They remain on top and in a horizontal position when the garage doors are opened. This is a common type to be found in most residential homes.

Sliding designs

This type has certain similarities with doors that open overhead. These are on a track as well. The garage door treatments do differ. Some stay open vertically while others slide away. Usually when such a door is used for a garage it implies that there is room on one side.

Garage door materials

Usually garage doors are made of steel which is common for commercial as well as residential garages. The material is cost effective and durable and does not require wooden door maintenance. These can be textured to resemble the wooden look. Steel doors also offer insulated properties. Commercial doors usually have plain appearances and mostly made of steel. Vinyl is also another popular garage door material that is found in many homes.

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