How To Maintain Louvers?

The louvres come in different finishes. Those which are made of aluminium finish usually get weathered with time. It is necessary to clean these surfaces from time to time. It is usually a thumb rule that the louvres need to be cleaned every three months. In case the surfaces are in industrial settings or in coastal areas, the frequency might need to be stepped up. The process of maintenance comprises of removing loose deposits. This can be done with a wet sponge. With warm water and mild detergent the louvre needs to be cleaned. Blades and frames of the louvre are cleaned effectively with a simple detergent solution. Excessive water will enter which needs to be avoided. The surface needs to be rinsed clean. If abrasive and caustic chemicals or materials are used, then the surface finish might get affected.

Louvre’s Maintenance Pretoria

Maintaining glass surfaces

Louvres with glass blades need to be cleaned in similar ways. Non abrasive and mild detergent solution should be used to clean the glass surface. In case of timber the cleaning method or Louvre’s maintenance Pretoria is different.

Timber surfaces

When louvre blades have timber finishes, the kind of wood used would determine the kind of timber treatments used. Wood is a natural material and usually come with sealants applied to them. These surfaces are usually finished with abrasion resistant and non tacky sealants. The sealant for the surface need to be re-applied from time to time in order to protect the timber from being exposed to the moisture in the external weather. In general, the louvres need to be inspected at regular intervals and maintenance needs to be scheduled from time to time.

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