Features Of Wooden Doors

Wooden doors can be found on the exterior as well as in the interior. In traditional homes you will find wooden doors used in all parts of the home. There are different kinds of wooden doors used in the interior as well as exterior spaces. Wood can be varied and as per the wood variety, different uses are present of wooden doors.

Exterior doors

Wood Floor Oiling

Wooden doors built on the exterior are usually solid and warm. Exterior doors usually include features that make them more rustic and hardy than doors of wood that are built for the home interiors. Usually exterior wooden doors are built as per the weather conditions of a region. As wooden doors tend to swell or contract, it becomes difficult to lock or close a door. Often wooden doors on the exterior warp and change shape and it is often difficult to get back the original form. In order to prevent such occurrences it is important to stress on wooden door maintenance.

Interior doors

Exterior and interior wooden doors tend to vary in the quality of wood used as well as the construction of the same. One can personalize interior doors by adding in glass insets, transom, windows and so forth. In case these features are added to wooden doors, you need to figure out wooden window maintenance as well. Glass that is added usually helps to add to the looks of the doors, but making them frosted or insulated will ensure better and long lasting use of these door designs. It also helps to control the internal temperature of rooms better. Ensure that windows and doors do not have gaps so that insulation of homes is more complete.

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