Professional High Quality Woodwork, Timber Work and Maintenance

Wooden furniture and timber artifacts and goods require care and timely maintenance. Timely and proper maintenance ensures that your wooden artifacts, furniture and other assorted timber products have a longer life. At Timber Treatment you can get the best maintenance services for all kinds of domestic timber at affordable rates. The firm specializes in treating numerous objects fabricated using timber. These include wooden decks, windows, garage doors, timber decks, louvers and furniture.


The wood which is present in the external areas of the building is damaged when it comes in contact with excessive heat or damp. Therefore it should be regularly checked. Weakening of timber ultimately damages the entire structure and leads to loss of property. Timber Treatment is known for their wide range of Timber Treatments that guarantee to solve all your timber problems. The staff is well trained and can easily handle complex projects. Over the years Timber Treatment has carried out maintenance services for numerous satisfied clients.

Timber Treatment provides exceptional Louvre’s Maintenance Pretoria. With the help of the best instruments and maintenance products, the staff makes your timber product shine like new with a longer life. V coat , Ultracare gold,  Khuni sealer,  Color cote, Floor cote, Woodock 30/35/50/55, Rubbol, Silkwood, Swartland maxicare, Silkwood decking, Chemspec wood dressing, Rystix timbercare, Dulux Nova 15 timberseal , Gencem bourne gleem, woodgarg timber preservative, Plascon woodcare timber preservative, Satinwood  28 are some of the high quality products used by Timber Treatment.

You can always contact the firm for a quotation or to clear your doubts regarding any of the services. Once you apply for a quotation, an onsite inspection is carried out by an expert to determine the extent of damage, scope of new work, maintenance and preventive measures. The firm has designed various maintenance packages as well.

The various maintenance packages offered by the firm are:

  1. Once off maintenance plan.
  2. Maintenance plan for 6 months.
  3. Annual maintenance plan.
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