Why You Need Professional Support For Timbers And louvre’s Maintenance?

If you would try a DIY cleaning of the louvre’s and timbers in your house or construction, you may be choosing the wrong path. If it’s just for one window in a room, it may still be manageable. But if it’s for the entire house or office, then you need professional help and care from the timber treatments and louvre’s maintenance Pretoria experts.

Cleaning aluminum louvre’s

Aluminum louvre’s demands care in the form of a bathing with soap water. The temperature of water, amount of soap used, the way it’s used to wash and rub, the time of washes and repetitions are understood the best by professionals. When they take the responsibility, you see the louvre’s getting back their shine and looks with cleanliness in some time.

Cleaning glass louvre’s

Cleaning of glass louvre’s is quite easy. They however need more delicate and cautious cleaning for being breakable. The glass louvre’s are also cleaned with lukewarm water  and   soap solution, and the professionals do take very good care in cleaning each blade.

Cleaning wooden louvre’s

Wooden louvre’s need cleaning, maintenance, coats of paints after cleanings, and also some repair and replacement work, in case they are rotten, infested and damaged at parts. That is why this needs more care from the louvre’s maintenance Pretoria experts. The louvre’s maintenance experts would coat the louvre blades carefully to avoid rots and damages. Sealants would be used to keep then secure. That is how they are cared for.


Since it takes so much of dedication and hard work to complete the maintenance, you won’t be able to manage without professional assistance. In fact good louvre’s experts would give you the bet and reasonable rates for annual or bi-annual work on the maintenance.  For best idea you can take a look online to read through websites of leading professionals in Pretoria, and see what customers have to say about the service.

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