Some Technical Advice to Help Your Wooden Furniture Last Long

We all know wood is not indestructible as it’s prone to warp or split all the time as it comes in contact with other hard objects or gets exposed to bad weather. It can absorb moisture from the atmosphere or lose it at times. Either way, the shape of the raw wood gets warped or distorted. Once the shape of your wooden furniture changes due to absorption or loss of moisture content from its body, your furniture doesn’t stay in a condition to be used any longer.

Wood Floor Oiling

Therefore, you must take good care of your wooden furniture, and here are some technical advices that will help your wooden furniture last longer Louvre’s Maintenance Pretoria .

Avoid Direct Contact with Water

If your wooden furniture gets in direct contact of water, it absorbs too much moisture quickly. As the moisture content increases the wood expands and you face a number of issues when your furniture changes its shape drastically. For example, when your wooden door expands, you face difficulty in opening or closing it. When the wooden plates of your bed lose too much moisture there may be gaps on their body which eventually lead to cracks. So, a good environment where the wood does not come in direct contact of water or any other fluid forms is essential.

Use Coatings and Treatments

It’s recommended to use good-quality coatings and treatments for your wooden furniture. Coatings would help your item to stay away from water contact, so the furniture can last longer. Good timber treatments may include using metal or plastic feet for your furniture, so it won’t absorb moisture or any other harmful substance from the floor.

If you are looking for professional wood treatment services in Pretoria, go for Timber Treatment that offers top-quality timer treatments and Louvre’s maintenance in Pretoria and surrounding areas.

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