A Basic Guide to Oiled and Lacquered Wooden Floors

Oiled finishes and Lacquered finishes are the two main types of wood floor finishes available today. Usually, the oiled finish looks more real and less glossy, whereas the lacquered finish gives the floor a more shining and glossy look, with a decreased natural wooden look.

Oiled finishes are prepared by penetrating multiple layers of natural oils into the wood surface and thereby making the wood well-protected from dirt and fluid spills. However, you would need to re-oil the floor once every 3-4 years just to help it stay protected. A quality wood floor oiling is recommended as it gives the floor a good finish and durability. The periodic re-oiling is quite easy and inexpensive. You would need to do sanding and re-oiling only to those parts that have scratches, and not the entire floor.

On the contrary, lacquered finishes need re-finishing the whole floor when there is any scratch or localized damage on any part. But, it provides a permanent waterproof seal to the floor and a great look as well. Lacquered wood finishes are easier to clean – the job is done just with a gentle sweep.

How to Look After Your Wooden Floors

•    Follow the instruction manual. The instruction manual provided by the manufacturer would give you some knowledge about protecting your wooden floor. When cleaning the floor use the cleaning products only recommended by them.

•    Sweep Daily. You need to sweep your wooden floor daily to remove any dirt. Also, try to mop the floor once or twice a week. This will kill all germs on the floor.

•    Protect the floor from scratches to be caused by your furniture. Use protective caps under the feet of your furniture items to avoid any possible scratches to be caused by the furniture.

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