Natural Ventilation For Homes

You might have wonderful louvre designs for your windows which act as shutters or blinds and offer a form of slate opening. This is akin to the colonial plantation bungalow designs where wide wooden slats on windows and doors were a norm. These were designed to allow in sunlight in varying degrees as well as allow breezes to circulate through indoor areas; as such areas were usually warm and humid most parts of the year. For those who love the aesthetic designs of colonial plantation homes could opt for louvre like slats on their home doors or windows.

Windows Repair Pretoria

When the louvres are designed on windows and doors, these are the slats that could be vertical or horizontal. These are designed with varying widths and have a flexible operational mechanism. With a handle in building one can vary the openings and allow sunlight or breeze to come into an indoor area in varying degrees. At the same time, these slats like accessories for windows and doors add a unique design element to ordinary doors and windows. If you have opted for wooden slats you need to get expert help in the form of louvre’s maintenance Pretoria.

Usually louvres are made from timber. As such accessories for doors and windows are placed on the outside; it is advised that these are constructed from hardwood timber. That ensures longevity of the wood. Even then, proper polishing and treatment of the wood would ensure that the louvres last for long. This is akin to getting timber treatments done for your home. If you have wooden garages, doors, windows and other fixtures made from wood, getting treatment and maintenance services for these structures will help ensure the longevity of the wood and keeps your home looking shiny and new.

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