Windows Maintenance and Replacement

Doors and windows are a good investment. They provide protection as well as a beautiful appearance to your house. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to spend a few extra dollars on good-quality windows and doors. Wear and tear is kind of common to all kinds of doors and windows, but regular care and window maintenance would help good-quality windows last much longer than ordinary and cheap windows.

Here we will talk about various scenarios when you need to replace your windows.
1. Damage or Breakage

Your doors and windows, when come in contact with hard objects with intense force, some of the parts get broken. You may also see some damages on the surface after several openings and closings. Reasons for damages and breakages could be many, and every time your window gets damaged, you need to get it repaired by a professional repairer. However, if the damage is severe and the repairing comes expensive, you would have to replace the window.

For quality window maintenance or repairing in South Africa you may choose Timber Treatment. They have high expertise and experience in dealing with all kinds of window maintenance, decks maintenance and furniture repairing jobs.

2. Weather Effect

Weather damage is another common reason why you would need to replace your windows. When damages get severe, even prompt and thorough repairing can’t restore the original look and function of the windows, replacement is the safest solution.

3. Wood Decay

Wood decays over time due to regular contact with sunlight, rain water and the atmospheric moisture. Some portions of the outer parts of your wooden windows may get swollen or distorted when they come in contact with water or the moisture in the atmosphere, and the normal functioning is affected heavily. The only way you can get rid of the decayed window is by replacing it.

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