How To Plan A Perfect Garage Makeover?

For a garage that sits next to your home, you need a beautiful exterior that matches the style and design of your home exterior. This would not only add the charm of your garage, but also improve the overall aesthetic value of your home and lawn.

Selecting a suitable garage door

A perfect door is the most important aspect of a garage. Garage doors are of various types and designs. They are classified on the basis of functionality and material used for construction. If you have high walls of your garage, you can opt for a roll-up door. Other options are swing-up doors or sliding doors. You can opt for a wooden door for your garage if you have lots of timber built into your home exteriors. Otherwise, you can opt for a sturdy aluminum door or steel door and apply a coat of waterproof paint that matches the walls of your home. Wooden doors are quite attractive and you can also find cheaper varieties. However, wooden garage door maintenance can be a costly affair.

Refurbishing the walls

Seal out the cracks on the walls using a good joint compound and check for water damage or mold. Constant exposure to moisture in the air can dampen the edges and corners of your garage walls that might be showing signs of fungus or mildew. You need to scratch out such areas and use a good touch-up weatherproof paint to renovate the walls.

Window cleaning

Windows of a garage allow light and air into the garage and help in keeping the interiors fresh and airy. So you need to maintain the windows by cleaning the frames, hinges, and louvers on a regular basis. For wooden windows repair Pretoria timber treatment services can offer you the right solution.

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