How To Maintain Your Wooden Exteriors?

Wood is a classic material used for building homes and domestic structures that emanate a cozy and traditional ambiance. Since conservation of wood has become an environmental cause people have started using materials like faux wood and fake wooden coatings for their building structures like doors, windows, and decks. However, if you have exteriors made of wooden doors or wooden window frames, you can preserve them by following some essential maintenance measures.

Preventing mold

Mold spores are fungus present in the atmosphere. They tend to grow and multiply on damp and moist surfaces. Doors and window sills made of wood absorb moisture from the atmosphere or tend to get damp from dewdrops or rain. This can attract fungal infections that cause mold growth. You should regularly inspect your exteriors for signs of mold that appear in the form of dark spots. Corners and areas that are not exposed to sunlight are more prone to mold infection. If you happen to see signs of mold growth, you should clean the area using a household detergent or solutions used in timber treatments.

Removing mildew

Mildew is a mild form of fungal growth when compared to the mold. It is also caused due to excessive exposure to moisture. It may appear as white or gray spots. Inspect the corners of your doors, deck, and louver for signs of mildew. Clean the area using a brush if you suspect the presence of mildew. You can also wipe the area using a disinfectant to prevent further infection.

Stain removal

Stains can ruin the glory of your expensive wooden furniture, doors, and windows. However, while removing stains you need to be careful because a wrong type of cleaning technique can damage the wood. For advanced windows and louvre’s maintenance Pretoria you can hire a professional team.

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