Door And Window Maintenance Tips

Doors and windows are the most-used moving parts of a home. Apart from their utility, they also form an essential element of overall home decor. Despite the style and design, every door and window require regular maintenance to avoid malfunctions and damages. Read on for some essential tips on door and window maintenance.

Fixing loose hinges

Doors and windows are attached to their wooden frames with the help of hinges. These hinges are made of metal and they are tightened with the help of screws. The hinges become loose when the screws are too short or it could also happen due to constant usage of the door. This is a common problem that can be found in every home. When the hinges become loose, the door or window may not close fully or you might need to apply pressure to get it closed. You can replace such screws and fix the new ones by filling the holes and then drilling fresh screw holes.


Waterproofing measures are essential in case of wooden doors and windows that easily absorb moisture from the atmosphere. During winter times, you might have observed that certain windows cannot be closed because of swollen wooden frames. In order to prevent such damage, you need to apply a waterproof varnish of the right type that suits the wooden variety. In this scenario you need the help of a professional who is an expert in wooden window maintenance and door repairs.

Wood preservation techniques

If you see signs of mold or fungal infections then you need advanced treatment measures. You can appoint a home improvement specialist in such scenarios. For details of such services in your city you can search online for companies that deal with timber treatments, furniture restoration, and wooden decks maintenance.

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