Improve The Beauty And Texture Of Your Wooden Floors With Wood Floor Oiling

Wooden floors, when treated with oil, exude a warm impression. Oil finish brings out the natural beauty of wood by enhancing the luster and color of the wood. This treatment also makes the oil treated wooden floor durable thus making it suitable to endure heavy traffic. If maintained in the right manner the wooden floors can last year after year and become more beautiful with time.

Natural glow

Undoubtedly wood floor oiling goes a long way in maintaining the wooden floors. The beauty of your wood floor is multiplied several times. Oils penetrate into the wood and associate with the wood at the molecular level and make the floor stronger. The color and texture of the wood are not affected negatively and become even more attractive and eye-catching. Oil absorbed in the wood creates a patina that matures with wood, so the wood never looks dull or worn out that usually happens with the surface finishes.

Increases durable

Hardwood lovers often think that natural oil finish is not right for timber maintenance. This was true earlier, but modern oil finishes are much advanced and resistant to wear and tear. Even if there is wear it does not affect the appearance of the wooden floor as it is the case with surface finishes. Even if your pet scratches the floor, the marks will blend with texture of the wood as there is no contrasting surface layer. Further, any damage on the surface of the wood can be repaired easily which is a big advantage over surface finishes.

Easy Application

Oil finishes can be done easily from time to time, unlike urethane finishes which need to be removed completely before fresh application as required when the new floor is laid. With properly oil finished floors you would never need to sand down your floor. Since oil finished floors can be easily repaired and that makes natural oil finish a much better option.

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