How To Do Window Maintenance?

Wooden Windows look elegant but require greater maintenance. Regular maintenance is all what is needed. Here is how you can do window maintenance easily.


You can clean wooden windows easily with a piece of damp cloth. Dust and dirt can be easily removed in this manner. Make sure that you squeeze all the water from the cloth and it should just be damp enough to remove the dirt easily. The wood can rot if you use too much water. If your windows are aluminum or vinyl framed, mild detergent and brush can be used. Glass cleaners can be used to clean the window panes. Also clean the window casing and the adjacent wall to clean the deposited dust and debris.


Further, all rubber seals should be replaced to eliminate air and water leaks. Spray form insulation is better option to seal the windows.  Caulk s also used for the purpose.


Re-painting is very important whether you have metal or wooden windows. This should be done 3 to 4 years. It is very helpful in protecting the windows against weather elements and helps maintain the windows in good condition. For effective wood maintenance it is important that the surface be cleaned to remove dirt before applying paint. Don’t paint over the moving parts or closed windows.

Damaged Parts

If there are any cracks or damaged parts in the window mend them immediately. If there is a section that has rotten remove the part with the help of a screw driver and fill the area with epoxy putty. Cover with several layers to get the best results. Once it dries up, smoothen the place with sandpaper and then use primer and paint to finish.

All types of damages should be attended quickly so that the condition of the window doesn’t deteriorate. Windowpanes are important part of your windows. In case of any damage replace your window panes as fast as possible to avoid any injury due to broken glass.

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