Tips To Maintain Your Garage Door And Wooden Deck

There are places in our house which are exposed to direct weather condition and thus need proper maintenance as they complete the overall structure of the house. The garage door and the wooden deck at the backyard are one of them. Check out some solutions to the problems related to them in the following section.

The garage door is one of the vital parts of your house that is used several times a day. Thus it is very important to keep your garage door function smoothly. Today we shall talk about some home remedies for garage door maintenance.

  • At first step you need to observe your garage door in motion like- whether it is moving smoothly or not, whether it is symmetrical in both the sides or not, at the time of opening and closing does it make any dragging or scraping sounds or run smoothly. This observation will help you in knowing the condition of your garage door.
  • Most of the garage doors run up and down thousand times a year. Thus you need to tight the roller brackets and bolts using a wrench so that the hardware part of your garage door remains in good condition.
  • You need to check the balance of your garage door is properly distributed otherwise it will collapse.
  • The rollers of your garage door need to be replaced at least once in seven years.
  • You need to grease up the moving parts of your garage door on regular basis.
  • You must clear the tracks of the garage door and as we suggest you to take the help of efficient technician.
  • Last but not the least you should clean your garage door with cleanser every time you wash your car. This will help you with garage door maintenance.

Now we’ll give you tips to wooden decks maintenance:

  • At first step, put your flower pots on cement blocks to hinder any dirt and moisture enter in your wooden deck.
  • Avoid using any source of grease on your deck as it is hard to remove.
  • Sweep and shovel the deck as many times as possible to avoid snow or any dirt to trap.

You will always make sure to seal your wooden deck with proper coating to make it last long.

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