Having Special Maintenance

If you have lived in a wooden house, you know something that people living in brick and concrete houses won’t get. It is the fact that wooden houses often feel a lot more homely and nicer than the brick houses. However, while this might look nice and even feel nice, there is a slight catch. The wooden houses that you admire so nicely, needs a whole lot of maintenance. And that is not an easy thing to get done. One of the things that people need to do when they are living in a wooden house is to maintain it. Wood needs a fairly decent amount of maintenance. If you have been wondering about how to get this done, we can show you the means. There are a lot of ways to go about wood maintenance, but you can only check out a few.

These are some of the popular methods

  • People often hire other specialists who can not only take care of problems in the foundation, but any part of the house. They work with wood so they know everything around it. From ensuring that window maintenance receives practically the right amount of interest from the stakeholder to something worthwhile.

This has become a popular practice. People get the company to take care of the complete care and maintenance of the wood products that we are discussing. If you haven’t seen any case studies, then there are enough and more case studies that you can refer. Most interior magazines end up featuring some designs or the other and you can use it to your advantage for your house. You would see a lot of adventurous and new couples getting something of this sort done. Maintenance of your assets has also become stressful.

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Cleaning The Wooden Windows Never Been Easier

Do you have big wooden windows but don’t have enough time and patience to maintain them? Well, then look for windows repair Pretoria. There are different organizations in Pretoria to help you out with different types of effective ways in wooden window maintenance. You may search them on internet as there are a number of organizations that will manage and repair your wooden window and doors as well. Today, we shall discuss about the easier ways to maintain the aforementioned.

Wooden windows provide your home with the touch of natural beauty. If you maintain them on a regular basis they can act as durable up to nine years. Wooden framed windows are exposed to extreme weather conditions facing dust, storm, snow, sunlight, and rain. Thus, wooden window maintenance is necessary to keep them in good condition. Whenever you decide to renovate your home on seasonal basis, try to look into the wooden frames carefully whether the upper coat has become rot. If any ruptures are noticed, then immediately repair that section before it becomes expensive to repair.

Here are some handy tips for wooden window maintenance:

•    You can have paint brush to brush out the dust from the window frame or have a cloth dipped in wood wax to clean the wood and in this way you can figure out the defects in the wooden frames.

•    If you see any kind of damage or rot in the outer coat then it is a clear indication that you need to change the rot surface and apply new coat. The sealer you apply basically remains for 18 months this is why you need wooden window maintenance on regular basis. Windows repair Pretoria can help you out in preserving these things.

•    If you haven’t applied any sealer coat yet, then apply the outer preservative coat immediately for long lasting effect.

•    For small cracks you can use 180 grits sand paper and this will help you to remove the rot and after that you may apply the sealer.

Hope, the above tips come handy. You can check out online for more such tips!

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Tips To Maintain Your Garage Door And Wooden Deck

There are places in our house which are exposed to direct weather condition and thus need proper maintenance as they complete the overall structure of the house. The garage door and the wooden deck at the backyard are one of them. Check out some solutions to the problems related to them in the following section.

The garage door is one of the vital parts of your house that is used several times a day. Thus it is very important to keep your garage door function smoothly. Today we shall talk about some home remedies for garage door maintenance.

  • At first step you need to observe your garage door in motion like- whether it is moving smoothly or not, whether it is symmetrical in both the sides or not, at the time of opening and closing does it make any dragging or scraping sounds or run smoothly. This observation will help you in knowing the condition of your garage door.
  • Most of the garage doors run up and down thousand times a year. Thus you need to tight the roller brackets and bolts using a wrench so that the hardware part of your garage door remains in good condition.
  • You need to check the balance of your garage door is properly distributed otherwise it will collapse.
  • The rollers of your garage door need to be replaced at least once in seven years.
  • You need to grease up the moving parts of your garage door on regular basis.
  • You must clear the tracks of the garage door and as we suggest you to take the help of efficient technician.
  • Last but not the least you should clean your garage door with cleanser every time you wash your car. This will help you with garage door maintenance.

Now we’ll give you tips to wooden decks maintenance:

  • At first step, put your flower pots on cement blocks to hinder any dirt and moisture enter in your wooden deck.
  • Avoid using any source of grease on your deck as it is hard to remove.
  • Sweep and shovel the deck as many times as possible to avoid snow or any dirt to trap.

You will always make sure to seal your wooden deck with proper coating to make it last long.

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Wooden Deck Maintenance Is Easy And Economical

If you are planning to install a beautiful deck, then you need to consider a low cost option that does not demand much maintenance.  Adding a deck will definitely perk up the beauty of the outdoor area, but at the same time taking the pricing into consideration is also quite important. If your budget is tight, then timber deck is certainly an ideal choice. Timber decks maintenance is easy and does not demand professional care throughout the year.

Decks maintenance does not demand much

Many people worry about timber decay and avoid timber furniture and decks. But, it is not always true. Timber certainly decays, but proper maintenance is necessary to avoid it. Dampness is the major reason behind decaying and so one needs to understand the cause behind this and rectify the same. Decks maintenance includes timely inspection by professionals. They know how to maintain wooden furniture and take care of the same. This does not means that you need to burn a whole in the pocket. You can easily come across timber maintenance packages from professional firms, thus enjoying the services at low cost.

Choosing a professional firm is essential

It is also suggested that you hire the service of a timber deck building company when it comes to design a deck for your garden or lawn. They will make sure that you get comprehensive services at the best possible charges. Hiring a professional firm will also ensure to get the best quality timber, followed by taking care of other essential aspects during construction. Do a little research work while choosing to settle down with a particular professional firm.

Refurbishing Timber

Refurbishing Timber has become a common option today. There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to restoring timber furniture. It’s best to hire a professional team if you do not have any idea.

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Why Using Wooden Garage Door Is An Ideal Choice?

If you are planning to change your garage door or installing a new one for the first time, then the ideal option is timber door. Garage is an important part of your home and when you are keeping your precious car inside it, then obviously safety is of utmost importance. Wooden garage doors are not at all costly. People tend to have a wrong concept that timber garage doors are expensive and require lot of maintenance.

Why wooden garage doors are perfect?

Wooden garage doors are indeed perfect and you will even see contractors recommending the same. Well, this is because of the variety of choices available. You can choose designs as per the interior of the garage area. You can come across fiberglass garage doors that look similar like wood finish, but it’s true that nothing can stand in comparison to the warmth of real wood.

Budget is an essential matter for almost everyone, and this kind of garage door no doubt suits the pocket. The garage doors can be cut to fit according to the size of the entrance. Standard size is also available, which can be installed without the need of any modification. Minimal repairs can also be done without any helping hand.

There are many options when it comes to wood type like oak, cedar and marine plywood. These are common choices and light on pockets.  Pure redwood would definitely hike the price.

Refurbishing garage doors

Refurbishing timber is also possible, which means there is no need to change the garage door even if you want to give a new look. Yes, you can hire a professional who can completely give a distinct look to the exiting one. You can also go for the DIY process, which is not at all complicated provided that you have a little idea or experience.

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Why It Is Necessary To Maintain Wooden Doors And How You Can Do It?

As long as maintaining a house is concerned, the toughest and the most strenuous task is wooden door maintenance. This becomes impossible without any expert help and guidance. Nowadays, there are many service providers online as well. Timber treatments are the most delicate and difficult task and there are online guidance that should be consulted when required.

The way – outs

wooden door maintenance becomes all the more difficult if the door is much older than expected. The finest ways in which you can take proper care of your wooden doors, can only be offered by professional hands.  Recoating of wooden doors can keep your doors in a good position for a long time. It takes just about an hour to recoat wooden doors but that has to be done technically with patience. The portion that is getting dull should be taken into consideration and apply coating. If required, double coating should be provided in order to enhance the durability of the door. Light coat of oil with a rag should be applied on the flat surfaces and brush for the moldings. These few technical aspects are mandatory to follow to keep your wooden doors sustain longer.

The timber maintenance

There are many processes in which timbers should be maintained and treated to keep the timber doors last longer. A timber door should last for at least 5 years in a decent manner but sometimes, timber gets affected in the worst ways. Timber gets attacked by insects which damage the timber badly. For that exterior finishing timbers should be taken for high durability. Timber is subjected to moisture; hence special care must be taken, following some techniques that can preserve the doors for a longer time. An appropriate treatment level of timber should be specified for the particular situation concerned. Hence following proper methods becomes necessary.

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How To Do Window Maintenance?

Wooden Windows look elegant but require greater maintenance. Regular maintenance is all what is needed. Here is how you can do window maintenance easily.


You can clean wooden windows easily with a piece of damp cloth. Dust and dirt can be easily removed in this manner. Make sure that you squeeze all the water from the cloth and it should just be damp enough to remove the dirt easily. The wood can rot if you use too much water. If your windows are aluminum or vinyl framed, mild detergent and brush can be used. Glass cleaners can be used to clean the window panes. Also clean the window casing and the adjacent wall to clean the deposited dust and debris.


Further, all rubber seals should be replaced to eliminate air and water leaks. Spray form insulation is better option to seal the windows.  Caulk s also used for the purpose.


Re-painting is very important whether you have metal or wooden windows. This should be done 3 to 4 years. It is very helpful in protecting the windows against weather elements and helps maintain the windows in good condition. For effective wood maintenance it is important that the surface be cleaned to remove dirt before applying paint. Don’t paint over the moving parts or closed windows.

Damaged Parts

If there are any cracks or damaged parts in the window mend them immediately. If there is a section that has rotten remove the part with the help of a screw driver and fill the area with epoxy putty. Cover with several layers to get the best results. Once it dries up, smoothen the place with sandpaper and then use primer and paint to finish.

All types of damages should be attended quickly so that the condition of the window doesn’t deteriorate. Windowpanes are important part of your windows. In case of any damage replace your window panes as fast as possible to avoid any injury due to broken glass.

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